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Rushforth Lee & Kiefer LLP No Longer Exists   

Rushforth Lee & Kiefer LLP Is Dissolved

You have reached the web page of a law firm that no longer exists.  Rushforth Lee & Kiefer LLP (RLK) began business on June 1, 2017 as a limited-liability partnership formed by two professional limited-liability companies (PLLCs): (1) Rushforth Firm, Ltd. (RFL), which is owned by attorney Layne T. Rushforth; and (2) Lee & Kiefer, PLLC (L&K), which is owned by attorneys Kenny E. Lee and Daniel P. Kiefer.  RLK ceased to practice law on March 31, 2020 and has since been dissolved.  Since April 1, 2020, there have been two separate and independent law firms: Rushforth Firm Ltd. and Lee Kiefer & Park.

Former RLK attorneys Joseph ("Joey") Powell and Brendan Bybee are now practicing with different law firms.

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Attorney Layne T. Rushforth (“Layne”) is the sole attorney of Rushforth Firm Ltd. and is mostly retired.  Layne is not accepting any new client work.

Lee Kiefer & Park, LLP
Lee Kiefer & Park (LKP)

L&K added Matthew W. Park as a named partner and is doing business as Lee Kiefer & Park (LKP).

Like RLK before it, LKP offers clients top-notch trust and estate administration and litigation services.   Specifically, LKP assists its clients in all things probate, including special administrations, summary administrations, and general probate proceedings.   LKP’s experienced litigators will also handle contested probate matters, including (but not limited to) disputed creditor claims and will contests.   Trust administration and litigation remains a tentpole of LKP’s core focus.   In addition to probate and trust related issues, LKP also concentrates on real property related litigations, including quiet title and partition actions. 

Former RLK Attorneys in Different Firms

Attorney Joey Powell

Since April 1, Joseph J. Powell (“Joey”) has been practicing law with the firm of Hutchison & Steffen.

Attorney Brendan Bybee

Brendan Bybee is now a partner in the firm of Stone Bybee & Associates, PLLC.

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